Our Holiday Homes

This holiday home is specifically designed to provide wheelchair users and their families with a safe, easy access! It has a ramp leading to a wide access door. It is double glazed, central heating. And is a six berth. Has a large veranda and hard stand for a car.

This holiday home has steps/handrail, double glazing, central heating. And is an eight berth, with French doors leading to a veranda and a hard stand for a car. Our holiday homes situated in Kiln Park Holiday Centre, surrounded by the beautiful area of Tenby in West Wales. Where we hope our families can unwind, relax and spend quality time together, allowing time to create those Precious Family Memories!

To help us maintain our holiday homes and keep our holidays Free for families who need that little extra support, please click Here

Our criteria for a free holiday – The Child/Young Person must be living in Wales and suffering from a Life-Limiting Condition. What is a “life-limiting condition”? “Life-limiting means there is no reasonable hope of cure and there is a strong possibility that the child or young person will die before adulthood”. A letter from your Child’s/Young Person, Doctor, Medical or Social Worker must accompany your referral form.

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