Holiday Referral

Before you make a referral please read!

Our criteria for a free holiday – The Child/Young Person must be living in Wales and suffering from a Life-Limiting Condition. What is a “life-limiting condition”? “Life-limiting means there is no reasonable hope of cure and there is a strong possibility that the child or young person will die before adulthood”. A letter from your Child’s/Young Person, Doctor, Medical or Social Worker must accompany a referral form!

We’ve tried to make applying as simple as possible!

This is how it works:

 Apply for a referral form – Either

  •  Download one by clicking Here
  •  Email 
  •  By phone 01633 676286 or 07584133198
  •  By filling out our Contact Us form, please click Here
     Don’t forget to include your postal address to receive one in the post!

Step 1

Complete the first page of the form with your personal details and child’s diagnosis.

Step 2

Ask your Child’s/Young Person Doctor, Medical or Social Worker to complete and sign the endorsement section of the form.

**Please ask the professional to attach a covering headed letter to the referral form, which specifically states ‘how’ in their professional opinion the holiday will be of benefit to your Child/Young Person and family**

Step 3

Send us the form at the address below.

Ieuan The Lion Memorial Fund
42 Milman Street
South Wales
NP20 2HR

What happens next!

You will be contacted within four weeks of receipt of your referral form. If your application is successful we will then send you a booking form. You can only book a maximum of one week. Dates cannot be guaranteed due to a high demand for holidays!

A £100 refundable deposit required which covers damage / breakages which will be returned after holiday home as been check over.

Ieuan The Lion Memorial Fund values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We will not disclose or share personal information supplied by you with any third party organisation without your consent.