Trampoline Club Raise £204.48p

thank you

A huge Thank you to the members of Usk Valley & Sauterelle Trampoline Club for a generous donation of £204.48p. Your commitment in supporting #ITLMFis greatly appreciated. These funds will help to provide free holidays for Terminally ill Children from Wales These much-needed funds will help provide “Free” Holidays for families who need that little extra support. Our objective is to support Families throughout Wales caring for a Terminally ill Child/Young Person! Each year Ieuan The Lion Memorial Fund continues to advance its mission in providing “Free” Holidays for these families. We wish to offer them a space where they can go and relax and enjoy a break from the difficult realities of diagnosis, treatment and endless care. Our goal for Ieuan The Lion Memorial Fund is to continue to help families spend quality time together, allowing them time to create those Precious Family Memories! With the help of donations from supporters such as yourselves we can continue to support these families. Thank you once again for the generous support of our Objective.


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